Friday, 29 November 2019

Dyeing and drawing.

Liz had been dyeing some fabrics with avocado to create a basis for a Pink healing blanket.She had also been making her own inks using collected oak galls and black walnuts.

She also told us how the inside of a Tetrapak can be used to make effective drypoint plates.As long as the surface isn't scored and broken the  method is the same as aluminium.The design is drawn ,inked ,wiped and printed.

The plate and the resulting 

print.Voila! another use for waste.

Jenn had stitched more of her 'mark-making' samples and had tried out Karen Stamper's Concertina Sketchbook

The process was very enjoyable ,using masking tape ,sticky labels, ink and collage to prepare the pages 

Then the pages were worked into with Posca pens .Jenn had used photos of Italy as a reference for these first few .She is hoping the techniques might translate into fabric.

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