Sunday, 24 November 2019


Ira treated us to her favourite foil technique

bringing along samples for us to handle.This above a before and after.

She uses the foil as a layer covered with baking parchment and a hot iron passed over to create the bubbled and distorted surface.

The resulting "fabric"can then be cut up and incorporated to other surfaces using machine stitch.If using synthetic fabrics a heat gun can be used to further distort the surfaces.

This piece has been applied to silk using machine stitch.It will then be  intensively hand stitched and lots of beads and sequins will be meticulously applied.

Ira also showed some small pieces of silk and stitch, developing a lino print idea 

In other news, she has been invited to show work in Thornbury church as part of the Severn Vale Trail next year .It will be a an opportunity to see her Medieval themed work displayed together.

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