Friday, 17 January 2020

Starting a new decade.

It's amazing the kind of things we find out when we meet.Debby had made some tomato pincushions with her Creative Stitching group.Apparently the Victorians regarded the tomato as bringing good fortune and turning away evil .They put them on their hearths.The little strawberry often attached was filled with emery to sharpen needles and pins.

She was wondering if she could use this UFO to fulfil the Chairman's Challenge for the Quilters'Guild.This has to show an obvious horizontal line.She thought about cutting into the piece to create a long narrow strip as well as a more rectangular piece.

We wondered if this might lose the balance.She had concentrated on painting the Agapanthus and begun to add some stitch.

The colours are so delicate.

Over the Christmas period she had been to Hayward's Heath and had made a visit to the Ditchling Arts Centre .

Debby had picked up this book

celebrating the work of  Ethel Mairet which documents her dyeing experiments.Pages and pages  long all carefully and precisely annotated.

Another visit took her to  the Whitchurch Silk mill where she purchased these silks on antique wood spools.The sheen is amazing but the thread is incredibly fine!

Among her Christmas gifts was this lovely origami kit with some beautiful papers.

We guess this will provide hours of good creative fun and make put in an appearance next Christmas.

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