Saturday, 25 January 2020

Weeds and chillin'

Deryll wanted some advice about her little 'weeds' piece and how best to back it within the frame.She brought along some small stitch samples done on cream and white.We thought as the frame was white the background would argue if it was cream, and the idea should be to draw attention to the piece.

She had found a lovely little quotation and made a suggestion that we might use 
'Quotations 'as inspiration for a future exhibition.Food for thought.

Jane had created a mind map to start the thinking about possibilities of Barriers and where it may take her.She also told us that she had had a change of heart about her follow on piece from Messages and had put it aside.
Over the holiday period she had spent some time 
creating the quilt you see above.Jane is a beginner bell ringer and the yellow 'heart ' in the quilt represents the treble bell and when she had to ring it .Fascinating!

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