Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Wire and paint?

Viv brought two pieces for us to see.The first was one she wanted some advice about how to frame.We agreed with her about leaving the edges with loose threads and slips overlapping.We thought a lighter background but the peach looked wrong,perhaps a darker shade of rust?
The second was a flower piece that had been finished since we saw it last.Viv conjures up the most amazing pieces from loosely painted pieces of fabric which she then embellishes with machine and hand stitch.You may remember her pieces from the Guild exhibition last October.

Jenn brought more ammonite inspired pieces.This time in wire,some crocheted
others " hand drawn".These show the shadows cast by the motifs.


  1. Viv's flower pictures are always beautiful and that first piece is gorgeous. I love Jenn's crocheted wire ammonites - my fingers are hurting just thinking about it!