Wednesday, 19 February 2014


You may have been wondering why no mention or pics of Ira these last two months.Well she wasn't at our January meeting,but this month she was......why no work you cry? She was as dismayed as us when she arrived to find her large basket of new work was not in her boot.There had been a misunderstanding and her husband had not put it in.She gave us a lovely description of her work on rock formations but we had to imagine what it is like.......exquisite and beautifully stitched as usual we expect.However,we,like you readers have to wait and see.Some of you might like to look out for her on the Severn Vale art trail ,details above.

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  1. As I was in Laos for the last meeting I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely work you have been doing. I shall have some ethnic pieces for the next meeting and perhaps some photos. ss