Tuesday, 11 February 2014


Liz showed us this lovely quilt made from African fabrics sourced through Maggie Relph's sitewww.africanfabrics.co.uk.It is to be auctioned to raise funds for the disadvantaged.Liz is busy quilting it to send off in the next week.If you are interested in ethnic textiles look out for the World Textile day advertised.

She also brought her "leaf" piece,which includes Eco dyeing,printing and some of Deryll's naturally dyed fabrics.The black marks are little plastic "tacks" a bit like those used to tag goods in shops,but to help quilters keep pieces together before sewing.
She also had some screen-printed fabrics with her ,but was a little perplexed as the procion based dye had taken on some but washed out on others despite being treated the same!

Patricia brought some of her  brooches,made from odd leftovers.......there are leftovers and leftovers.These are just so delicious with their mixture of colours,textures and clever choice of beads.

She also brought along some dyed cloth.

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