Thursday, 15 May 2014

In the merry,merry month of May!

First an apology for some rather odd views of the work.My photos were not like this ......I uploaded them to my computer as usual,and deleted them from the camera at same time .When I came to look I found almost all had been corrupted by my 'on the  blink' computer.It left bands across them and strange colours,so what you see are the usable parts I could salvage.

Deryll had completed her second piece,and lovely it is too.We suggested a third might join them.....

She also brought along some C&G work found in the loft.It shows development from initial drawings of a cabbage,pattern work and different treatments to paper.Just shows how they never date.

Ira came along with some'seaweed' made from sheer black tights.It is destined to be used with the 'pebble'you can see below.This will be gathered and fashioned into shape and displayed with other 'sea objects' in har Slimbridge exhibition.

Other work in progress are some painted backgrounds,on left over fabric from her daughter's wedding dress.There were four but I 'm afraid you'll have to wait and see them.They are sea -scapes inspired by Kurt Jackson's work.

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