Thursday, 15 May 2014

May meeting.

We all made it this month at Viv's and we had plenty to see and celebrate.

Carol is making progress with her piece and was able to show us how she has started to 'write' on her DNA piece.Progress  has been slower than she hoped as she found that on one piece she had 'written' in the wrong place.We said no one would know ,but Carol the perfectionist she is,said she would.It 's being unpicked,not an easy task with machine stitching!

She had also framed her'bugs',above you can see her butterfly and lavender.It is just such fine hand sewing and meticulous .So very realistic.

Debby came along with some exciting news,she 'll be teaching at Stoke Lodge from September.A treat for anyone joining her class as she has such a fund of ideas and expertise.
She brought these pieces,above and below.Some mixed media pieces she had taught to a group at Heartspace,makes you want to try yourself,it looks like a lot of fun.

She had padded and stitched the batik and mixed media piece below.Do you recognize the local landmark?

Look out for the Westbury Park trail where you'll be able to see Debby's work.It takes place on 6-7 th June.

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