Thursday, 15 May 2014

Things with wings.

Kirsten,like Debby ,tutors at Heartspace.They are all taking part in an exhibition of the tutors' interpretation of 'Things with wings'.Kirsten had created this .

It will contain'bugs ' and sit under a glass dome.A cabinet of curiosities.She also came with a request for ideas as to what to do with her lino printed fabrics.Debby modelled one idea,an apron.Any suggestions out there? As Kirsten said it's great to play with the lino but what to do with the resulting fabrics.

Marilyn brought along this hanging,she's been busy with other things.We'll not see her next time as she will be away.

Sally had recovered from her jet lag having just come back from California for our April meeting.She had had a wonderful time watching blue whales and dolphins.As usual she had created a book of the trip,filled with notes,photos and observations,but best of all her watercolour sketches.She is now playing with drawing on a tablet and maybe using ideas to create handmade books and scrolls.

Viv showed us her finished flower piece,photo in a previous post.She had also been so taken with the 'Boro' exhibition that she purchased her own piece of fabric from the internet.You can just see the start of an added patch at the bottom of the photo,this is machined.It would have undergone a complete metamorphosis in its lifetime,had it still been worn, it puts another slant on the current trend for recycling.

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