Monday, 29 September 2014

Fabrics fun.

Liz has been very productive recently producing lots of interesting fabrics.She spent a few days at the Festival of Quilts in August doing a workshop with Leslie Morgan.These are her results.

Aren't they interesting?They were a mixture of thermofax  printing and applying paint with a credit card.
She will have lots to play with, you'll have fun spotting where she uses it!
She has continued to Eco- dye with leaves etc. from her garden.This time she trapped them between Khadi paper sheets,wrapped them in cardboard and string,then steamed for an hour.

The images are so clear,and such beautiful colours,

These little zig zag books are lovely too.
Not content with all of this fabric creation she chose one of her husband's photographs of trees,manipulated in a computer program,then sent it off to Spoonflower.

She has yards of this evocative fabric and plans already for its use.Perhaps you'll see it at Nature In Art next Easter.

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  1. Wonderful fabrics but I specially like the leaf prints and folding book.