Monday, 1 September 2014

Some oddments.

I forgot to include these when reporting on Sally and Viv's contributions this month.......sorry.
Viv also brought along some fabric she had dyed and intends to use for our Nature In Art exhibition next Easter.If you remember her flowers pieces from the Guild then watch out for how she transforms these.

Sally ,meanwhile had completed her 'river journey'.She decided to hand stitch the border after all as it looked less mechanical.

We have just one more get together before 'Echoes ' opens.We do hope you will come if you can get there.Here are the details you'll need.

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  1. Love the colours of your fabric Viv and Sally's meandering river book. The poster looks very inviting and I hope it draws lots of visitors to the exhibition. It promises to be an excellent one. See you at Nature in Art next year.