Sunday, 14 September 2014

September and all systems set to go.......

'We met at Liz's house this month,the idea being we would collect together the work ready for Echoes,if it was ready!
Kirsten is still deliberating and brought along several samples and ideas of work that May or may not make it into exhibition.

A large scissors felted and stitched,

Some very detailed lino cuts of scissors printed on fabric,

And some rather  beautiful 'things with wings '.What would you choose? You'll have to come along and visit us to see what makes it into the show.

If you come along on Saturday 4th October you'll have the chance to meet many of us.

During the week there'll be demonstrations by several members too.

Wednesday 8th October.     Liz Hewitt

Thursday 9th October.         Marilyn Burton
                                          Kirsten Hill-Nixon

Friday 10 th October.           Ira Wood

Saturday 11th October.        Debby Bird.

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