Sunday, 15 January 2017

New year new work.

A new year and our thoughts are turning to the new challenge of creating and presenting work in exhibitions.
This year we will exhibit at the West Country quilt and textile show at UWE 1-3rd September .
Our main exhibition will take place in Nature in Art Twigworth in 3-17 thOctober.
We are going to use some of the 50 best loved exhibits to inspire us,at least in part.

Deryll has chosen to work from this ceramic piece .She was drawn to the textures impressed into the surface and its obvious landscape reference.
It is "Pebble Vase ''by Alan Walworth.

Here she has started to look at ways of using stitch to create textures,and her statement couronnes make an appearance.

Using a 'wing'needle and loose weave fabrics make the fibres react ,bunching together and creating areas of delicate texture.

Jane has chosen this 10th century Persian bowl.

She liked the chaos of the figures which parade around the dish.There are symbols too and Jane thought they might be calligraphic and symbolic of something so she thought best not to include these in anything she might create.

She has started to draw some of the bird like creatures and has thought to replace the symbols with spirals or other marks.This will obviously link with her love of Celtic calligraphy.
Sally said she had been drawn to this bowl too and it had been added as 51st object by Simon Trapnell because of her choice! There was some discussion as to how interesting it would be to see how they might treat the subject matter and what might result.We shall have to wait and see.

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