Saturday, 28 January 2017

Onion skins and rose petals.

Liz has continued to explore Eco dyeing,she has been doing an online course.She has used onion skins and rose leaves,petals.Although these scarves  have very distinct marks she is not happy with using vinegar as part of the process.The smell clings to the fabric despite washing.

She has very good results with her own process,but it is always good to try other methods ,at least you can add or reject.

She also decided to begin a Stitch a day hoop after seeing something on Instagram.She is just pulling out the thread from her stash with no regard to matching colours and doing a new stitch a day.

The really exciting news she had was having a quilt accepted for SAQA .This quilt was one of 30 out of 90 to be accepted.It will be sent to America and will tour in exhibition until September of this year!The quilt was on Display last year at Newark park.The one you see above is in progress for Festival Of Quilts this year.Liz is adding texture to it.

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