Sunday, 5 March 2017

Skies and shore.

Viv brought along her "displacement"piece.Why this you may ask?the weather is too unsettled at the moment for her to begin her piece for NiA.if you remember she is intending using discharge on velvet and it is pretty smelly and toxic so she is waiting for a time when she can do it outside.

So...... this piece .She took inspiration from the photograph you see lower down.

The colours were the inspiration and she has been recycling fabrics.

Ira meanwhile has been to Scotland to have a break and while there she had a tutorial about her course Advanced Higher .

She has to produce three A1 collages by May!

So she too has been working on other things. Here you see painted backgrounds inspired by shorelines.Done on the seemingly endless supply of fabric left over from making her daughter's wedding dress.

We have no doubt she will meet all her deadlines.

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