Wednesday, 8 March 2017


At the meeting Debby had been busy preparing Valentine's Day brooches for sale.She had had lots of sales in the new collective in Westbury on Trym 'We Make Bristol'we're sure these flew out of the door too.

She had been working with a variety of media to produce these .I think the above was tissue and stitch.The one below used a gelil plate

and this was one of her lovely batiks put through a printer onto  canvas.

If you visited the Bristol  Embroiderers Guild exhibition a few weekends back you would have seen Debby's goldfish in a bowl with weed.She likes to work with fish and birds.She has chosen a sculpture by Neil Dalrymple from the NiA collection to use as her inspiration for our upcoming exhibition there.
It turns out that he is the father of Ellie Dalrymple,a student who Debby mentored for her" A" levels.What a small world it is. 

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