Friday, 10 March 2017


       As well as the show and tell of work we have interesting conversations as        we go along.

          Ira says that she sometimes receives 'Wacky' presents .This is one  such on view below.A rollag of Herdwick(?) and a book about our pastoral heritage in the UK.

She also picks up things for herself ,this rather lovely necklace from a trip to Scotland.

from a Danish maker.

We also bring along finds or items we no longer want in the hope someone else can use them.This piece had lots of beads and gold work threads in its make up.

Sally is an adventurous traveller and often uses her trips to create diaries and printed books to document her travels.

These are from her most recent trip to Sri Lanka,The Maldives and The Seychelles.

She was remarking that she travelled to what was then Ceylon,three times in the 1960s and was interested to see the changes in that time.

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