Saturday, 4 March 2017

Common denominator.

Jane has drawn out the quirky little birds from the Nature In Art plate and has been trying them out on her embroidery machine.

She has used shiny rayon thread as well as matt,and some raised wool.The one on the far left uses textural stitches.We loved the individual birds.

She has included some on a background of Celtic like motifs,trying different orientations as well as different threads and colours.We think she has made an excellent beginning but as with everything Jane does there is much ,much more to come.

Sally has chosen the same plate and had been doing some research .She thinks the plate ,originally from Persia ,is pre-Islamic and maybe from the Zoroastrian religion because of the use of animal images.She is thinking of maybe using broken clay pots and mounting embroidered cloth pieces over.You can see a tryout to the right of the plate.

Jane believes the shapes above are calligraphic symbols but Sally is convinced they are stylised figures.

Sally has been reproducing them on loose weave fabrics,

free machine drawing them.

She also brought along another complete assemblage .
Can you see the little bird?

It is actually an animal vertebrae!

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