Thursday, 2 August 2018

Hedgehogs,a storm and some teacups.

Kirsten had been given an Alpaca 'fleece' by someone who keeps them.She had been trying it out and had made some cushion pads and these sweet little hedgehogs which were still in progress /The fibre were softer than normal fleece but still usable.

She is a multi talented person and a very competent artist .Kirsten has joined the Clevedon Art Club,who hold monthly meetings.At these meetings they have visiting artists who give demonstration and then the members are encouraged to have a go.This is one of Kirsten's pieces ,created with brushes and sponge and depicting a stormy seaside scene.We loved it.

Jenn had been using her cotton organdie and trying to perfect her teacup and saucers.

She had bought a set of the new Inktense watercolour box, which are waterproof when allowed to dry.It means layers can be added with no running.

She had painted some loose Cornflower shapes and added some simple stitch.Other things tried were trapping and some stamping.

The inspiration is snippets of overheard conversations and she had begun to experiment with 'writing' with free machineing onto the saucer .It was too illegible in white, slightly better in blue but this needs more experimentation.

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