Saturday, 8 September 2018

Deryll had been continuing to work with her surplus samples.They were cut up to be reassembled.She decided to paint over them with gesso and emulsion but was not at all inspired by the results, so it's 'back to the drawing board'.We thought perhaps they needed to be more heavily coated to obliterate what was beneath.

Happier sampling had been done on her view out the back bedroom.This was a favourite place and now houses a seat in memory of her husband.

The trees on the horizon have been free machined and she is adding details with plain fabric and machine textured.

She was auditioning a frame for it ,lots more to do but well on its way to a trademark piece.

She is also entering this stitched card in a local horticultural show crafts competition.We'll find out soon how she fared.

Sue had been trying out ideas for adding wildlife to her stitched grasses piece . Irridescent nail polish had been added to the wings of this butterfly.She was given several other suggestions as to what might work.

Sue is mulling over some new work with a message .If you recall she had done some really very good likenesses of Trump,the new ideas again feature him.You'll have to keep up to see how it develops.

Ira had taken enjoyment of painting this cloth, which includes an old headscarf.She employed her usual method of just splashing on the acrylic paint as the mood takes her.Some of these will be cut up and morph into cards.

This last piece will become a piece of textile art.

These last two are photographs .The first is of the rock formations of a favourite Welsh beach, just look at those colours !No wonder Ira is inspired.

The second comes from a recent tour around Middleport Pottery where Ira's daughter works.They look like faces on totems ,but if you look really closely you will see jugs,pitchers and mugs.They are the slip moulds used in manufacture.Strange what the human eye sees.

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