Monday, 17 September 2018

September's glorious colour.

Sue had been busy with her embellisher using lots of vibrant colour.She commented how differently the red circles looked on the long piece on the right. The top circle had been worked on to the piece and integrated so much better than the one beneath which had been placed on the surface.

She had been cutting up and reworking pieces already made like the flower above.The piece below uses lots of lovely ribbons and cords which are then further embellished with stitch.It echoes the kind of sunsets Sue experiences where she lives overlooking the Bristol Channel.

She had been  working on her idea of the Planets and created a whole array of
Planet samples.

After showing us her quick 10 minute sketches last month Viv had a go at mono printing using them as inspiration.

It was her first ever attempt ! you'd never believe that from these results, they are so full of colour and movement and reflect her enjoyment.

After success on paper she decided to try on fabric, using acrylic paint with added fabric medium.

The results are just as good and the fabric has remained soft so will be good for stitch.We are sure she'll go on to create a couple of stunning pieces.

And the bonus is, she has some fabulous drop cloth pieces to use  from just cleaning up.Win ,win!

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