Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Inspired by .......and a new solo exhibition.

Ira ,as usual, had been beavering away on some new ideas for pieces.

This time her inspiration has come from the patination seen on copper and in particular she has been inspired by the artist KOJI HATAKEYAMA.

He/she  works in ceramics. Intrigued, she had sent for a catalogue  from an exhibition of work.

After our discussion about copyright, Ira wondered if she should continue with this train of thought.As she is not seeking to create his work and not working in ceramic we thought it was no problem, after all she might have looked at patination on copper and arrived here by the same route.

There is such a beautiful working of the colours ,built from layers of paint, organza

machined metallic and matt threads.No doubt there will be far more hand stitch ,beads and sequins before these pieces are complete.

She announced that she will have a solo exhibition at Slimbridge in March ,which will require 15 pieces to fill the showcases there .This is destined to be one, below.

Look out for details of dates and times  soon.

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