Sunday, 27 January 2019

Nothing wasted.

Jenn had spent some time looking at photos she had taken some years ago.She had been out in the local park and surroundings looking for some inspiration.She had been looking down at the pavements and road surfaces, and also at occurred other that these might yield some ideas for messages.

Using some of the images she played around with taking parts and adding them to postcard size paper.She used a water-based ink pen and watercolour.

The way the ink bled when water was added was pleasing.

She wondered if she could replicate this on some linen, see bottom image.

It worked well enough but more experiments would need to be tried to make sure it would be permanent, maybe using Inktense blocks and paints.It is a tentative start which will need  development and introduction of fabric and stitch.Before that happens there is a matter of an exhibition or two to be prepared.

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