Sunday, 2 June 2019


Sally had completed the first of her UWE message pieces.

She had felt she needed to add words to it to otherwise the message might not be fully understood.We think it has worked very well and as always the artist needs to make the final decisions.

To accompany it she has one of her trademark books .These are a wonderful, personalised record of her many trips to far flung places.This uses Zambian fabric bought at "Tribal Arts".

Inside Sally collages photos ,drawings and collected ephemera.

She has been thinking how to go about her second piece which deals with the Tiger and its threat of extinction.

She wants to create a loose hanging piece illustrating the threat posed by the use of Tiger body parts in Eastern medicine, much of it bogus.So far she has created this mock up which would hang loosely ,along with many other pieces.Her feeling is the shape is too regular

Irregular would be better but how to achieve that and get the piece to hang is a problem she will need to solve.Pieces of work go through a great many stages before they are fully resolved ,and then sometimes a compromise has to be reached .

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