Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Colour and classes.

Sometimes things just don't go to plan.After expending hours of time planning and stitching and using precious materials what do you do .........? Well, you make the best of it.Instead of one large piece you cut it up ,abandon the part that caused the grief, and create two smaller but equally stunning pieces.Jane did just this with her colour piece inspired by Anni Albers and her weaving.It is difficult to believe but this piece uses just two colours of red thread on a yellow ground.It sings out and is so much better 'in the flesh' where the play of light on the surface makes it change depending on the direction it is viewed.

Debby currently has work on show in the Alchemy bar on the Gloucester Road.It is where she holds her drop-in classes on a Friday.You can see her work if you visit during the day on Friday, otherwise the bar is open in the evenings.

These pieces samples for her teaching projects.The one above uses recycled fabrics' screen printed bird  and paracetamol wrapping and is based on Japanese boro. It is a healing piece ,showing how stitch can help people heal and mend.

These two are examples of  the  bondaweb foiling technique and also make use of recycled materials ,the berries are Quality Street packaging!
The stitch around the leaves really enhances the foil and creates a lovely piece.Lots of scope here for seasonal stitch.

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