Monday, 28 October 2019

Failures and ideas.

Ira had added some stitch to this rusted blade sample.

She wasn't too pleased with her other rusted fabrics but we thought they had some lovely marks and colours which could be exploited with stitch .

She brought out this piece she is working on for Nature In Art next Easter.It is of a favourite rock face on a Welsh beach she and her family have been visiting over many years.This is the initial stage, drawing out and painting ,it will go through many more processes before it is finished.Ira loves to paint and draw and is very good at it.

She also unearthed these two pieces which receive her attention.She has so much work that gets started and put aside, until she picks them up and develops.

This was the next interesting item that we should all have on the go.It is a workbook where she stores themes and ideas that may have some mileage.

She tries out prints, collects together interesting photographs taken by her or her husband.

Ideas from Medieval tiles using transfer paints and 

trying out how to achieve textured surfaces.It really is a book to dip into especially on those occasions where the ideas may be sparse.Not sure Ira ever suffers from artist's block though !

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