Saturday, 26 October 2019

Cyanotype and trees workshops.

Carol had spent one Saturday doing a Cyanotype workshop arranged by Bristol E.G.

They had worked with a Jacquard kit.A darkroom was required as the substrate first had to be painted with the solution and allowed to dry.

The items used to create the contrast and block the light varied from leaves and feathers to shells and lace Once the items had been placed on the fabric they were put into simple clip frames to hold them in place and create good contact.Luckily ,the day was bright and sunny so were placed outside.What will they become?

Sally enjoys workshops run by the R.W.A.This time it was over two days and entailed spending time on Brandon Hill studying trees.

They looked at the effects of light concentrating first with graphite on one branch.

Then moving on to looking for textures and colours within the trees ,graphitint pencils in three colours used above and chalk pastels below .

Finally looking at further detail in one favourite tree.

Once at home Sally took selected drawings into her tablet 

and began to play with different effects and filters to develop ideas that can be transferred to fabric.She uses the 'PAPER ARTIST APP '

This is not the last we'll see .

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