Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Our March meeting found us in a chilly ,overcast Portishead.However the pieces we were treated to were anything but! Above you can see Carol's tablet cover ,designed and made by herself.The decoration is delightful and her stitching,as usual,so very fine.

You may remember her Lino prints from January,she had decided to stitch into them to create some quirky little cards.She had lots to show this month including the butterfly below.Since we saw it last she has added the dandelion.This piece inspired by Opus Anglicanum,a very time consuming technique, but executed exceptionally well.

Carol had also been playing with stitching into metal,and printing from the resulting"block".She also used a markal stick to take a rubbing,on the right,but she was not as pleased with the definition.It looks subtle but the metallic gold catches the light beautifully.

Her piece for "Echoes" at Sidcot school in October is progressing well.She had been dyeing a variety of fabrics and the felt had taken the dye to produce these beautiful subtle pastels,just the right match for her thread.Her hand stitching is just so neat and regular,a real art.

If you have been following the blog you will recognize the next piece .Deryll has now finished it ,the way to frame it was the next decision.We favoured a wider area around the piece to draw the viewer's attention to the 

amount of work and detail to be found within.There is a new piece in the melting pot ,but the colours are being considered ,can't  wait Deryll.

Jane had finished the background stitching of her piece and had begun the time consuming and meticulous stitching of the image.The hoop has to be repositioned many ,many times and then there is the little matter of aligning everything!

You may know that Jane has been involved with Irish dancing ,supporting and encouraging her daughters and making the elaborate costumes.Her piece for "Echoes" will be related to this but in a very different way .

This small sample is a taster of what she intends.It is a thermofax image printed on "silk hankies" then a hand stitched Celtic motif .It has an ethereal and delicate quality quite unlike the dresses she has made.We look forward to seeing this develop.

Even though her daughters are no longer dancing Jane continues to be involved .She has just ventured into Etsy, her shop is Jane At Number 13.Do go and take a look.

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  1. More treats! I love Carol's tablet cover and all those gorgeous textures in Deryll's piece. Jane's piece is going to be very impressive.