Sunday, 27 April 2014

BORO exhibition, London from Viv

Last Wednesday I went up to London to  the Courtauld Galleries see the BORO exhibition of Japanese poor farmers' and fishermen's futons and coats - recycling done in extreme circumstances, but with results which today look like contemporary abstract works of art.  They are truly remarkable . Here are a few photos:

These items are now so rare and collectable they fetch thousands of pounds each.  You can see a red spot underneath the first one - and there were several others. I thought about my big bag of old jeans remnants and am determined to produce my own "boro" (which means rags and tatters) before too long!


  1. I love them - how many thousands did you say? dh

  2. I hope the artists who made these wonderful pieces get a fair reward for their talent. I particularly like the last piece and look forward to seeing your 'boro' in due time.