Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Caravanning and St.Ives !

Carol's first piece is a very well put together peg bag.We all want one.The reason ......her son is moving into a new place .This is a very personalised present it's  his camper van.

Next she showed the progress she has made on her piece for exhibition.There are four background pieces,each will be representative of living things.This is just the beginning,next she will embroider the double helix and then add insects ,birds etc.

It is a real labour of love and all hand stitched and hand- dyed !

Debbie brought along some purchases,some pre-printed panels from the  Kemshalls.She 

has started to work on the owl,attaching it to some tweed and free- machine embroidering.The  piece had a light border but Debby dyed it with tea to knock it back.
She also had these threads.Her work shows her trademark colours,this first one based on a weather report.

Below,a detail.

Some free machining on a batik of her beloved St.Ives

And a detail of the houses overlooking the beach.

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  1. Love Carol's pegbag and l look forward to seeing her second piece evolve. Debbie's St.Ives pieces are lovely as are those reels of thread. Gorgeous colours.