Tuesday, 15 April 2014


 Jane brought along her engines piece,it is almost done just a little more stitching before it's ready to mount.

 She also showed us what she had been doing with Marilyn's thread cast offs.She had bonded the cut ends and was wondering if they would need to be stitched to keep them attached to the backing.We offered various suggestions as to what might be appropriate as we thought it shouldn't detract from the overall effect.

It has the look of a glorious sunset.

Other pieces Jane brought will be on display for the Embroiderers Guild stand at the BS9 arts trail.This was one of her samples for her City and Guilds Diploma.Lots of interesting threads woven through a grid.

The other piece was done on a Mary Sleigh workshop and showcases some of the some of the traditional techniques that Mary has studied on her many trips to Africa.

Jane has put her own slant on them.The  fabric is a raw silk and some African strip cloth.

Finally a plug for this event,the Embroiderers Guild will be at St Monica's and Debby will be showing but I am not sure where.Look at her site on the front page of the blog for more info or go to the website mentioned on the flyer.

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  1. Wow! Jane's engine piece is looking magnificent and Iove what she has done with all those offcut threads.