Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April and a catch-up with Ira.

We didn't see Ira last meeting as she has been away and catching up with her new grandchildren.Due to a misunderstanding her work had not arrived with her in the meeting previous,so we had a lot to look forward to.First were her take on ammonites,aren't they wonderful? Ira is an alchemist,she produces such magical results with such unpromising fabrics.

She only uses man-made fibres which are painted ,melted,layered and embroidered.

This picture shows the organza upper layer set aside to show the under one.

Here we have the beginnings of the embellishment which includes hand embroidery and metal leaf.

Next we saw some of her work in progress for her Slimbridge exhibition .This is inspired by looking at agates.

Lots of stitchery and 

fabric painting.

Inspiration and the task of choosing threads and ways to enrich the surface.She insisted she had nothing much to show!

If you want to see more 'in the  flesh' then go along to 

Ira will be exhibiting on the days highlighted in yellow.

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