Friday, 11 April 2014

What informs our ideas?

Jenn had been away on Sian Martin's masterclass weekend.There is always a Friday night challenge activity .This one centred around examining the content of work and whether it is concerned with representation,materials ,emotion or abstract concepts and how to develop ideas outside of our 'comfort zone'.First a number of images were examined and discussion ensued as to what category. they belonged? Next each member worked with an image they had brought along they felt a connection with .Small palm size pieces of work were done to respond to each of the four areas before their responses were discussed.

It was interesting as most members found the representational the area they were most at ease with ,followed by materials and abstraction,the emotional was the area most difficult to deal with.There are more  photos on of work by other members.

Jenn had also played with materials to begin to develop ideas from her sketchbook, seen last month.She used silk,bondaweb and some stitch.

Interestingly Sue had been sorting through some fabrics and artefacts to spark some ideas for 'Echoes'
The embroidered fabric had a connection to her grandmother who worked as a dressmaker .The letter and tide timetable below belong to her husband.Both may evoke memories and feelings which in turn may lend a personal connection to the eventual piece.Is this one instance of using emotion in our work? 

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  1. Plenty of very interesting ideas being considered - I look forward to seeing what might result from them.