Sunday, 11 May 2014


Liz and I spent the day in Stroud visiting the textile festival .A highlight was Alice Fox's "Tidelines" at the Lansdown Hall.She had used objects collected on beaches to rust,weave,print and emboss on paper and fabric.The results were beautiful,quiet and gentle.We were there in time to hear her speak and were impressed with her generosity in sharing what she did .Here are a few glimpses........

We also visited the Museum in the Park to see "Shadow and Line.

An enamelled bowl by Elizabeth Turrell.

A piece by Hilary Bower,difficult to see and photograph because of the reflections on the glass.

A hanging by Joy Merron

A piece by Jilly Morris incorporating hundreds of pierced holes!

Another enamelled piece by Elizabeth Turrell.
Most of the work was in a variety of media,not much textile but interesting nonetheless less.
We visited some of the shops displaying student work from Hereford,but felt the way it was displayed did not do the work justice.We saw paper work by Sticky Fingers,and went along to Matthew Harris and Liz Brooke Ward.we completed our tour with artists exhibiting at Frogmarsh Mill.Below is a photo I took as the flowers used and the coordinated way the artists had displayed their work struck us as exceptionally good .A pleasing end to a very enjoyable day!

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  1. The contrast between the almost monotone of this exhibition and the joyous use of colour by Kaffe Fasstt is striking - and they both work in their own way.dh