Monday, 25 May 2015

Great minds .....

Viv and Deryll seem to have been communicating telepathically for their ideas this time.Deryll had been "up in her loft' and was going to rejuvenate a hand dyed piece by working into it .

I cannot recall what this was dyed with but it was plant based and most probably grown by Deryll,she will no doubt remind me !

The piece has been woven from strips and machine stitched. The illustration of the plant you can see above is the dyestuff,and Deryll intends to add this to the piece by drawing on the wrong side then stitching from the back. A technique much used by Cas Holmes.

Viv brought along a piece which was created by piecing together a variety of fabrics, including hand-dyed and eco-dyed.

She had added the 'plant' by drawing on the wrong side and stitching from the back.She was going to fold back the edge but we thought it would look lovely by leaving the edge to give the piece space.

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  1. It was dyed with madder - I bought the madder for this piece but of course later grew it on the allotment where it caused much scratching of heads among the "old boys". dh