Monday, 4 May 2015

Fabrics ,architecture and a little recycling puzzle!

As usual Ira didn't have anything to show except for this above,


and this.She has a very individual way of creating her base fabrics.She uses ONLY man made fabrics,polyester,nylon etc.In her own words, 'sloshes acrylic paint ' over them ,allows to dry then may burn with a hot wire of her own design and adds her trademark of very intricate machine stitch ,tiny ,tiny French knots,beads and sequins.These fabrics you see here  will be completely transformed by the time she has worked her alchemy.

It is the Severn Vale Arts Trail ( Ira is taking part you can catch her on 4th May all day, 8th May until 1.30p.m. ,9/10th May all day. You won't be disappointed.
7 West View ,Alveston.BS35 3RN

Jenn had been thinking about her work for STA (barriers and boundaries)and a trip to Florence a few years ago where she had loved the doorways.Like Viv she wanted something to do while stewarding ,so had used some lovely hand dyed fabrics bought at Bristol Quilt Show at UWE .They were cut and bonded  to felt 

before being added to with stitch,ribbons etc.Quite what they will turn into is as yet to be decided.

Jane passed these around to see if anyone had ideas as to how they might be used.They come from using her embroidery machine ,the bobbins I think,but are waste.With an eye to recycling she was after creative ways to put them to use.Patricia played around and came up with this ,it was suggested they might be strung together,a bit like tracks on a tank before incorporating in something.

Any one out there please leave a comment with your suggestions.

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