Sunday, 31 May 2015

Margo Selby

Marilyn had been to London and while there had been to Margo Selby's studio.

She was selling some of her samples,Marilyn came away with quite a few.They were in the most wonderful colours of silk and such interesting patterns.Marilyn could tell you how they were acheived. All i can tell you is that they reminded me of double jacquard knitting ,where the knitting is on two beds enabling different colours to show on each side.It also allows for tucking and making 'pockets 'so the fabric is not flat.

You may be able to see it in this shot.A friend is going to make one of the bigger pieces into a gilet for Marilyn.We will be excited to see it .

Marilyn showed her own sample of double sided weaving.It is very effective but once again I have no idea how it is done.Again it is like 'plating 'in machine knitting where one colour shows one side and the other colour on the reverse.

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