Sunday, 24 May 2015


Jenn and Kirsten had both been using Derwent Intense bars to create.We had used them on our drawing day.Above, Jenn had continued with her Italian old buildings and had cut a lino block,then used it to print with the bars.It was surprisingly effective,just spraying lightly with water then stroking bars across the block before printing.She used teabag paper and matte medium to attach them to calico.This will now be used as a base for stitch.

Kirsten had not used Inktense before our workshop so she had been drawing and painting with them to see their possibilities.Her drawings have been translated into wonderful print in the past so we will watch this space!

She has created a colour chart of her bars ,so useful to refer to.Then she had been looking at Frances Pickering's book "Page after Page" for some exercises .Lots of scope here for experimenting.

Kirsten also brought out this very colourful quilt top, pieced from authentic African fabrics she just happened to have hanging around! It is to be a present for someone close ,so she can only work on it when they are not about.

It is such joyous colours,I bet it will be very loved and appreciated.

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