Monday, 4 May 2015

Duffryn Gardens visit.

Jane ,Jenn and Liz visited Duffryn Gardens ,just outside Cardiff .The National Trust have been given a 50 year lease to bring the house back to its former 
glory,having been left empty for a number of years.The gardens have undergone some restoration and are really lovely,with long vistas in front of the house, different garden rooms,kitchen garden ,rockery ,arboretum and glasshouses .

This is the gallery which was housing an exhibition by VOGA (Vale of Glamorgan Artists) who had been given access to the estate for a year and the exhibition showed how each artist had responded.

the house has undergone some renovation on the ground floor but the upper floors were in a somewhat sad state.No electricity.floorboards ripped up and holes in the walls and ceilings.Work has been done to repair the roof and make everything weatherproof,now begins the job of bringing the house to life !

This is Jane standing in the room destined for the Plant Hunter project.

Despite its sorry state it is a lovely sunny and light house and well worth a visit.

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