Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Gum arabic transfer.


As you know Jenn did a collagraph course with Sue Brown in Cheltenham which she really enjoyed .One of the techniques that Sue uses in her work is Gum Arabic Transfer.The last session before Christmas Sue very generously shared her technique.

It is a brilliant way of transferring images to paper ,fabric ,sketchbooks.You use a photocopy or laser printed copy,gum arabic, oil based ink and a water spray.It has possibilities for transferring own drawings to work on.The top image shows a transfer onto a print and the bottom one onto some black organdie cotton fabric.The results are good as there is no faffing about rubbing paper off the surface you attach to and the hand of the fabric isn't altered.A technique to explore.

If you have a look at the blog Sue has posted some pictures of a recent two day workshop using this technique.

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