Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Update on progress.

Carol ,Sally and Debby brought their workshop pieces from Wendy Dolan's workshop.They had been adding to them.All three have produced a lovely piece,it was voted a very good workshop by a very professional and experienced tutor.Looks like there is mileage in this idea.Her book was in evidence for us tp peruse too.

Jane had worked on her pieces from last time and decided to mount them on the backing but not flat.Not really easy to see in this photos but the yellow stitched piece stands away from the background.It's much better "in the flesh"

More from Jane,I think.She likes to keep throws for her sofa and this is a new one she has been working on.A lovely colour palette and fiendishly difficult triangular patches expertly put together.


  1. Really like the pieced throw. Is that pattern available somewhere or did she draft it herself?

    1. Hi Diane - time to 'fess up! I bought a great template from a quilt show which makes it really easy to make a hexagon surrounded by triangles. It is by Crafty-UK Then I just made 7 sets using white hexagons with triangles in 2 alternating fabrics and joined them together. Haven't decided what to do next with them!