Sunday, 10 January 2016

NEUTRALS.........What is neutral?

'In colour theory ,a colour which is neither warm nor cool.Such colours result from the combination of two complementary colours ( such as red and green,blue and orange,and yellow and purple) The term neutral colour is also sometimes applied to colours not included in the colour wheel and not associated with a hue,such as browns.blacks greys and whites'.

 taken from Art colours:Glossary of Terms

You might be wondering why are we concerning ourselves with this definition.We  have set ourselves a challenge for a joint piece for our next has been given a piece of linen and we are to stitch it using a neutral palette.This has generated quite a bit of discussion about what is neutral.Do you have a view or definition ?
Sally and Liz have begun their pieces ,below.Sally has machine stitched hers,based on snowy mountain peaks

Liz has stitched into increasing circles.,we said it was unconsciously thinking about tree rings!

At the South West Quilt show,held at UWE, Liz had a stand .She demonstrated Alice Fox's eco-dyeing on fabric and Khadi paper .During the three days she produced a lot of pieces .This is what she has used them to produce.

Piecing together 

adding Kantha like stitchery.

And these are the papers,probably destined for books and cards.

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