Sunday, 24 January 2016

Works in progress---nature themes

Despite being a bit unsure about our workshop back in August Deryll has been persevering with the results from her day.She is thinking about arranging these into a piece.Whether she wanted or not we played around with placement and made suggestions as to ways to expand.We think these are so successful and liked the plain fabric leaves she had added.

This is her 'Neutral 'stitched piece for our challenge ,they are all going to be so different.It will be interesting to see them all arranged together.

Sally has a 'Bird of Paradise' and it is in flower.She has done drawings and taken photographs of the various stages and is now beginning to explore to give her stitched pieces.She saw a different variety in America which is very much larger and grows into tree size.
I also need to correct my mistake on her 'Neutrals' piece from last month.She is taking her inspiration from looking at ice rather than snow clad mountains! I should have known.

Viv had brought this piece ,in its infancy, to a meeting at Sue's together with her drawings and inspiration .It has quietly been worked on until its reveal.It deserves a really close look with its array of fabrics and stitchery.Such close attention and detail.

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