Sunday, 5 August 2018

Foreign climes.

Sally and Viv have personal  collections of ethnic textiles collected on trips abroad to see the way they were made in their homelands. They have given numerous talks to various groups and have built up a wealth of knowledge.This year they will have a stand at the South West Quilt and Textile show displaying textiles from the Miao people of South West China.As well as seeing the textiles you will have the opportunity to examine sketchbook created on their trips and be able to speak to them in person.


   Sally and her husband are great travellers and think nothing of jetting off to far flung places.They are planning a visit to Zambia so Sally has been practising drawing elephants, not that she need to!They have been before but this time plan just to sit and look.No doubt Sally will fill a sketchbook of her observations that we will be party to at some point ,and you too if you follow the blog.

Here is a taste of some of the pieces they plan to exhibit.

The colours sing out

and the techniques amaze with their intricacies.

the backs are interesting too .

Japan must be on a lot of holiday agendas as Viv received a present from her son's visit to Tokyo.These shibori dyed fabrics are lovely ,Viv is trying to decide how to best use such a lovely gift .

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