Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Reduce ,reuse ,recycle.

Sue is going round in Circles.She has been putting her collected fabrics to use on her embellisher.Some gorgeous blues in evidence here with lovely differences in texture and pattern.She is contemplating a series on The Planets.We thought this a brilliant idea, just imagine Mars and the reds she could employ.We thought of the different ways they could be displayed- circular canvases or embroidery rings.

She had also been thinking about moody seascapes and had produced this, below.(Excuse the odd angle) We thought the addition of the seabirds inspired.They add such movement ,and give the feel of the birds wheeling about in the disturbed air.We thought they should be left as they were with no further embellishment.

Deryll had been sorting through her accumulated samples, many from her City and Guild workbooks.

Wondering what to keep and make use of ? A reminder of many,many hours of work and some forgotten techniques and materials.

She had reached the conclusion that she would sift through and choose some to cut up and reassemble into a new landscape piece.We believe there will be more than just the one.

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