Sunday, 26 August 2018

Hanging out the washing.............but not as you know it.


                             Someone brought a copy of Maggie Grey's ' WOW 'book to our last meeting.Sally was interested in the article by Laura Kemshall,where she recycled works on paper into sketch books.As she has so much material ,and is always wanting to find uses for it Sally went home ,sorted out her stash of watercolour paintings and put them through the wash!Here you can see her bowl, bucket and brush with the 'washed' pieces hanging out to dry. They were on heavyweight cartridge paper so survived the treatment well and are now ready for a new lease of life as backgrounds for new work.What a brilliant way to recycle.


She works a lot in sketchbooks and loves to create books based on her travels.

In her sort out she found an ideas book of hers from 2003.She has detailed ideas she can use ,see page below.Nothing ever goes to waste ,they can always be revisited or taken in a different direction.

She had been to see several exhibitions in Bath ,The Dutch Masters and Ellen Tanner's Ethiopian diaries at the Holburne and Kaffe Fassett/Candace Bahouth at the Victoria Gallery.We wondered about the word GIMCRACKERY used by Ellen Tanner to mean Shoddy.The Oxford dictionary lists it as worthless.We weren't sure we had heard it used.

She also showed her penguins in their hoops which were taken to the Make Space at Bristol Museum to show her method of working.She 

stitches through printed out images of her drawings then tears the paper away.It works very well.

She also found this little stitched piece of an elephant ,which relates to the practice drawings she was doing last month ,in anticipation of her next foreign visit.

Be sure if you can ,to visit Sally and Viv's stand at UWE as her collection of textiles is going to the museum to hold afterwards.It might be a last chance to see up close, and to find out about them from the person who collected them.

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