Wednesday, 22 August 2018


Debby had decided she was going to create a smaller version of her fish but this time was going to approach it differently.Starting with the free motion stitching as you can see in these images .She then intends to add colour last of all.

Little like the sweet little bird which has been painted and transfer painted.

Debby will be teaching some workshops at the South West Quilt and Textile show .like the good teacher she is she has been preparing samples to show what the students will be working to complete.Her Dandelions and Daisies class uses free motion embroidery and the use of dissolvable fabric.As below in progress.

She also picked up this lovely little Berlin work kit for a song in a charity shop.

She has worked the cherries first as they are more interesting than the background.

She had also been back to Make Space in Bristol Museum when a local artist was there .Unfortunately the photo didn't come out but Debby had bought some little pieces created  by Anna Gravelle using a tufting machine.You can visit her at

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