Monday, 11 March 2019

Boxes and books

Sue had continued her fascination with the boxes trying out a slightly different construction method and experimenting with materials to make them.She was toying with the idea of memory boxes .Precious little trinkets and loved items finding a safe home within.

Liz had been doing a variety of projects a  book using oak dyed fabrics 

Exploring different bindings to create little booklet of marks ,such as chain stitch,

running stitch.

string of pearls

Using card cuts to hold thing together 

She had also been revisiting work adding in  holey shells collected in St Ives ,and adding in highlights of blue to echo the sea glass.

Lastly, a 16" journal quilt for Contemporary Quilters West .It takes its colour scheme from the rooftops of St Ives and makes use of recycled fabrics.

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