Thursday, 28 March 2019

Sending a message.

Viv had made great progress with her old jeans pockets.They had been saved from a project some years ago and are now just the thing for 'Messages'.
She had obviously had a great time creating these little gems.The stitched slogans look as if they were on the original pockets such is her skill.

Sally had taken up the suggestion from last time to have some fabric printed from her images.She had gone with Prinfab.

She collaged some pieces and integrated them with stitch.

In addition she decided to use the emulsion method of transferring images ,using acrylic wax to coat them once the paper had been rubbed away.

She makes great use of her tablet.From original drawings and photographs she uses layers and creates some effective images which will feed into her eventual pieces.She intends to use cotton fabric as a base and maybe fashion a skin shape......we shall see.

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